Experimental and Comparative Psychology


Julio César Penagos Corzo (México)

Gonzalo Miguez (Chile



Alba Elisabeth Mustaca (Argentina)

Andrés M. Pérez-Acosta (Colombia)

Carlos Flores (México)

Gonzalo Miguez (Chile)

Jorge Mallea (Chile)

José Martínez (Perú)

Julio C. Penagos-Corzo (México)

Karen Corredor (Colombia)

Luis Fernando Cárdenas (Colombia)

Mario Laborda (Chile)

Mario Serrano (México)

Rebeca Mateos (México)

Rubén Ardila (Colombia)

Rubén Muzio (Argentina)

Tomás Arriaza (Chile)


General Objective:

To promote Experimental and Comparative Psychology within the context of the Interamerican Society of Psychology.


Specific Objectives:

To promote the integration of an international group of researchers that work in areas related to Experimental and Comparative Psychology and basic processes.

To strengthen the SIP in the area of Experimental and Comparative Psychology through the development of a Work Group that could:

  1. Promote the presentation of scientific work during the SIP congresses.
  2. Serve as part of a scientific committee or suggest members to evaluate proposals in congresses sponsored by the SIP.
  3. Support the advertisement of academic information related to experimental and comparative psychology.
  4. Encourage the publication of manuscripts related to experimental and comparative psychology in the Interamerican Journal of Psychology.


Experimental and Comparative Psychology Work Group Timeline


Estimated Date

To propose candidates with expertise in experimental and comparative psychology to be part of the scientific committee of different SIP congresses. Will depend on the deadlines of the organizing committees. Approximately, March 2016 for the regional congress (Rosario, Argentina), and March 2017 for the Interamerican congress (Mérida, México).
To establish a directory of Experimental Psychology labs in Latin American universities (research interests, type of equipment, people in charge). December 2015, phase one will be available for those in charge of the laboratory.
To establish in conjunction with the RedLACCuna a database with information related to ethics codes related to experimental psychology. December 2016
To develop an email list within the SIP to share information related to awards, grants, or other funds for research in the areas of experimental and comparative psychology. October 2015
To propose a directory of potential reviewers, in the areas of experimental and comparative psychology that could review manuscripts submitted for review at Interamerican Journal of Psychology. August 2017
To promote a special issue on experimental and comparative psychology for the Interamerican Journal of Psychology. December 2017