Call for SIP Bulletin 106

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Dear colleagues.


Participate in the SIP Bulletin. Our next issue (106) awaits your collaboration in one of the following sections:


I Section Briefs. Disclose your latest scientific work(s).
II SIP World Section. It is the section to give voice to the Task Forces (TF) and National Representatives (NR)
III Section Shared Pride: Distinctions of relevance of the members of the SIP.


All you have to do is have your current membership.
Deadline: July 3rd, 2020


Below are the details of each section. Visit our site for the latest issues of the Bulletin:


Objective in the Bulletin: to give diffusion to some work of some SIP member, as well as to contribute with the so necessary work of scientific diffusion.


It consists of small notes in the form of news (not the copy of the scientific summary), about the findings, or advances, or conclusions, etc., derived from a work of yours, published in the last 12 months. Add an eye-catching title, so that your note appeals to the reader.


1) Approximate length of 150 words, in any official language of the SIP.
2) Incorporates, at the end of the note, the reference in strict APA format of the published work on which the note is based.
3) Additional translation into another official language of the SIP (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese) is essential. This will allow your work to be more widely disseminated.



A) Task Forces
Disseminate relevant knowledge in relation to the topics and approaches that your work group carries out. You can communicate and / or disseminate activities, actions, proposals, research, current issues, etc., of the TF.
B) National Representatives
Highlight what you consider relevant to Psychology in your country or some actions you have taken as a national representative. The possibilities can be as diverse as Psychology and who we do it.


In either case (TF or NR) it is a brief note, inviting reading, approximately between 200 and 400 words. It can be smaller or even larger if desired.


Language: Any official language of the SIP. Please translate, if possible, into any additional language (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese) to help with the promotion of what you disseminate.


Do you know anyone who is a member of SIP and recently received a distinction or recognition of relevance? This is a new section of the Bulletin dedicated to sharing the most recent distinctions received in the professional practice of Psychology as well as the meritorious achievements of SIP member colleagues.
Send the name of the person who received the award (it could be you), the title of the recognition and a photo, preferably of the moment of the award reception.


Each volume of the Bulletin has a cover article. The next issue will focus on Psychology and Immigration. If you have a broader collaboration with these topics, we welcome that collaboration to accompany the cover article. Indispensable strict adherence to the APA style, latest edition.

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