Membership FAQ

If I have an undergraduate degree in psychology, but continue with post-graduate studies, might I still be a student member?

Yes. You qualify as a student for the your complete course of studies or for the maximum time allowed by your institution. The system of payment will ask electronic evidence of your status as a student in order to complete the process. Because student memberships last for a period of one year, you must present evidence in each year of your continuing enrollment. Once you have completed your studies, you can exchange your membership for the professional level.

If I pay my dues during the Interamerican Congress or at the Regional Congress, might I pay the Congress fee in that year at the reduced level?

No. You must be a member on the day of your registration in order to obtain the reduced fee. If you enroll in SIP for the first time during a Congress, your payment will be credited for membership in the next calendar year. In this way, you will enjoy the benefits of membership for an entire year.

May I pay my Congress fee and also my membership dues for SIP simultaneously?

No. The payments for membership are transferred in to a bank account in the United States, but the payments for the Congress are placed in an account in the country organizing the Congress. In the new membership link on our webpage, you might first pay your membership and receive immediate confirmation. You might then proceed to pay your registration fee for the Congress with the information provided for you by the automatic system.

How will I receive my documentation of membership?

Once you have finished the process of payment, the system will provide a confirmation. Approximately two weeks later, you will receive a welcome letter at the e-mail address you have entered with your membership form.

Might I ask for official proof of my membership, in case this is necessary?

Yes. You can ask for a certification in the web area for members, and this will be provided automatically. If you need some specific content in such a document, you might receive this by regular mail, for which you might ask by writing to We recommend that you include your membership number in such a request in order to facilitate our response.