Member Benefits


As part of your membership you will:

  1. Receive three issues per year of the Interamerican Journal of Psychology
  2. Obtain a discount  for all Congresses, Regional and Biennial.
  3. Receive in electronic format the Bulletin of SIP
  4. Receive by e-mail From the Central Office, the official means of communication with the central office of announcements and convocations
  5. Have access to your membership account in a secure area by means of our internet portal. There you might make updates of your account, such as e-mail and postal addresses.  You might also ask for membership certification to be received in digital format.
  6. Receive a membership card (for first membership)
  7. Have the opportunity to develop or participate in work groups in various areas of the discipline of psychology.
  8. Have the opportunity to represent your country as a National Representative or Delegate.
  9. Have voice and vote in the leadership of the organization which are debated every two years in the Membership Assembly every two years during the Interamerican Congress.  The same is true for the process of the election of the Board of Directors (if you are an active member for the year of the elections).
  10. Have the opportunity to be recommended for one of the prizes awarded by the organization.
  11. If you are a student, you will have the opportunity to complete for the Student Prize which is awarded every two years and for the scholarship sponsored by the organization.