Environmental Psychology


Camila Bolzan de Campos & Zulmira Áurea Cruz Bomfim (2013-2015; 2015-2017)


  1. To reinforce the objectives initiated in the 2013-2015 biennial.
    1. To integrate current a new members of the SIP interested in Environmental Psychology.
    2. To recruit new and people interested in the area of environmental psychology through social media and the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/psicologiamabientalsip
    3. To collectively promote, produce, and/or publish in scientific journals or books related to the area of environmental psychology.
    4. To promote encounters between different international environmental psychology organizations by integrating Brazil, Latin America, and Europe.
  2. To broaden new objectives:
    1. To keep promoting the work in the area of environmental psychology through different media outlets including SIP members’ videos on related topics.
    2. To increase the networking with other organizations in order to recruit more interested parties as well as to promote information in the area of environmental psychology.
    3. To promote both national and international encounters in order to promote dialogue between the local and global dimensions of environmental psychology.
    4. To emphasize the community aspects within environmental psychology in order to increase awareness of human and environmental issues from a social-environmental perspective.
    5. To publish an environmental psychology manual in Spanish that includes actualized basic concepts related to the new perspectives in the field in Latin America.•

We hope to fulfill these objectives by implementing the following strategies:

  1. To communicate via media (email lists or social media) and use these communication outlets to promote discussions of relevant issues in the field as well as to announce different types of events.
  2. To develop and promote audiovisuals related to environmental psychology via the Facebook page.
  3. To generate discussion with different editorial boards regarding the Environmental Psychology manual in Spanish.
  4. To held at least one face-to-face meeting with the members of the work group during this biennial.