Interamerican Award Call for Nominations


The Board of Directors of the Interamerican Society of Psychology (SIP) presents this award to a psychologist every two years. SIP bestows several awards for outstanding contributions supporting the development of psychology as a science and a profession in the Americas. This award is given in two categories: 1) A professional whose work is primarily disseminated in English or French and 2) A professional whose work is primarily disseminated in Spanish or Portuguese. This second award is named for Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero as a tribute to one of the original founders of SIP.

Remember you should submit a recommendation letter and the Curriculum Vitae of the nominated person before March 15, 2019. If you have any question write an email to Nelson Portillo at or to the SIP Central Office at

Call of Nominations

November 1, 2018

Dear SIP Members:

One of the activities for which I am responsible as Past President of the Interamerican Society of Psychology is the call for nominations to constitute SIP’s Board of Directors for the period 2017-2019. I invite you to consider nominating yourself or a colleague for a position of leadership in the SIP. You should note that any nomination must have prior authorization of the person who is being nominated.

In this election cycle, we will be electing a President for the SIP. By constitutional mandate, the country of the president elect will be from the South American region since our Constitution establishes the rotation of presidencies by regions. The current President, Dr. Sandra Luna is from the region of México, Central America and the Caribbean; the President-elect, Dr. Carlos Zalaquett is from the region of North America and I, the Past President, Dr. Hugo Klappenbach am from the South American region. It is now the turn for this last region, so the nominee must belong to one of the countries located in South America.

We will be also choosing the Vice-presidents for each of the three regions, the Treasurer, and the National Representatives for each country.
As a democratic society, every member can participate in the nomination and election for and from all regions with the exception of the election of national representatives, which is limited to members from the national representative country. Only active or lifetime members of the SIP can participate in the nomination and election process. To participate in the nomination and elections members must be current with membership fees. If you need to renew or want to become a member to participate in this process, access online at For any questions regarding your membership, please contact the SIP Central Office at

The nominations will begin on November 1, 2018 and close on December 15, 2018 (11:59pm Eastern time). To participate in the process, access the following link where you will find additional instructions:

Thank you for your participation and commitment to our Society, greetings cordially,

Hugo Klappenbach
Past President


The Interamerican Society of Psychology (SIP for the initials in Spanish) seeks applications for Editor-in-Chief for its flagstaff journal the Interamerican Journal of Psychology (IJP/RIP). The Editor will serve an initial 1 year as editor-elect, followed by a 4-year term, with potential for re-appointment to a second 4-year term.

Applications and any related questions can be sent to Edil Torres Rivera, PhD, Chair of the Search Committee or

Application materials are due June 1, 2018



World Mapping of the Counselling Profession Project

The International Association for Counselling (IAC) are leading a major ‘World Mapping of the Counselling Profession’ project. The IAC aim to compile data and information about the scale, standards and contexts of counselling activity in each of the world’s 196 countries. The information will be used to raise public and professional awareness of counselling, enable enhanced advocacy (both national and international), and improve information sharing for individual counselors and the wider profession.
The American Counselling Association are partnering with IAC on the pilot-phase (Latin American region) of this major international counselling project. The IAC and ACA believe in the importance of mapping as a tool for the development of counselling internationally. If you have information about any counselling activity, in any Latin American country, I would encourage you to fill out their survey – CLICK HERE
If you have any other information or queries you can also contact the project leaders directly:
Rogeria Picoli, Project Leader, IAC World Mapping:
Naoise Kelly, Chief Executive, IAC: