José Miguel Salazar Award of the Interamerican Journal of Psychology

Every two years, SIP awards a prize for the best article published in the Interamerican Journal of Psychology (RIP) within the previous two immediate years. The award plaque for this honor is presented at the opening Ceremony of the Interamerican Congress. The editor of the journal (RIP) creates an award committee to evaluate the articles and select a winner. The journal editor, with the support of the Board of Directors, selects a coordinator of this committee to organize and lead the review process. This coordinator should be a member of the editorial consulting board of the journal and be available and willing to perform this task.  The selected individual may only be coordinator of this award committee for a maximum of two award cy­cles and then may recommend a successor. This is intended to promote individuals with a variety of perspectives facilitating this review of journal articles.

The Coordinator of the Award Committee has the following responsibilities:

  1. In consultation with the RIP editor, select and invite two additional committee members. These individuals should be well recognized and respected members of the psychological community in the Americas, be fluent in at least two of the official languages of SIP/RIP, come from different professional specialization or content areas and be willing to serve on the committee. If more committee members are needed, the coordinator and journal editor will consult with the Board of Directors to increase the size of the committee.
  2. Send out the evaluation instrument for the articles and communicate with the other committee members to come to an agreement on selection of the winning article.
  3. Send written communication to the editor of the journal (RIP) on the final decision and article selected by the Committee.

In order to accomplish these tasks, after the Coordinator has the Committee selected and prepared, the editor of the journal (RIP) will send the Committee members all of the journal volumes to be included in the review. The editor will follow up with any additional support required by the committee and will coordinate the preparation of the award plaque with the General Secretary of SIP. This awarded is announced publically at least one month before the Interamerican Congress.



2019 Nayeli Y. Chavez-Dueñas, Hector Y. Adames
#NeotericRacism: Exploring race-based content in social media during racially charged current events
2021 Lorena Contreras Taibo, Francisco Maffioletti Celedón, Noemí Pereda Beltrán
Abuso Sexual Infantil por Representantes de la Iglesia Católica: El caso chileno