Interamerican Psychology Award

The Board of Directors of the Interamerican Society of Psychology (SIP) presents this award to a psychologist every two years. SIP bestows several awards for outstanding contributions supporting the development of psychology as a science and a profession in the Americas. This award is given in two categories: 1) A professional whose work is primarily disseminated in English or French and 2) A professional whose work is primarily disseminated in Spanish or Portuguese. This second award is named for Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero as a tribute to one of the original founders of SIP.

Each President selects a coordinator for this award from the members of the Board of Directors. This individual is responsible for gathering recommendations from the SIP membership and general community. Those interested in making a recommendation for this award should arrange for the submission of letters of support and the curriculum vitae for the individual. The coordinator receives all of the documents and the Board of Directors meets to select the winners of this award. All psychologists within the Americas are eligible for these awards in their respective language, except current and departing members of the SIP Board of Directors.

The winners will be notified in February or March so they may be able to make arrangements to attend the Opening Ceremony at the Interamerican Congress to receive their award. The award winners are invited to present a master lecture at the following Interamerican Congress.

Interamerican Psychology Awards:

Year Name Name
1976 Rogelio DíazGuerrero  (México) Charles Osgood (USA)
1979 Arrigo L. Angelini (Brasil) Wayne H. Holtzman (USA)
1981 Jacobo Varela (Uruguay) Harry Triandis (USA)
1983 Rubén Ardila (Colombia) Herbert C. Kelman (USA)
1985 Aroldo Rodrigues (Brasil) David Belanger (Canada)
1987 Emilio Ribes (México)
Carlos Albizu Miranda* (Puerto Rico)
Martin Fishbein (USA)
1989 Eduardo Rivera Medina (Puerto Rico) Robert J. Newbrough  (USA)
1991 Fernando Luis Gonzalez Rey
Ignacio Martín Baró* (El Salvador)
Joseph Matarazzo (USA)
1993 José Miguel Salazar (Venezuela) Sydney Bijou (USA)
1995 Maritza Montero (Venezuela) Gerardo Marín (USA)
1997 Rolando Díaz-Loving (México) Florence Denmark (USA)
1999 Hector Fernández Alvarez (Argentina) John Berry (Canada)
2001 Silvia Maurer Lane (Brasil) John Adair (Canada)
2003 Euclides Sánchez (Venezuela) Barbara Van Oss Marín (USA)
2005 Irma Serrano-García (Puerto Rico) Robert Sternberg (USA)
2007 Isabel Reyes Lagunes (México) Alice Eagly (USA)
2009 José Toro Alfonso (Puerto Rico) Albert Bandura (USA)
2011 Susan Pick (México) Judith Gibbons (USA)
2013 Wanda Rodríguez Arocho (Puerto Rico) Janel Gauthier (Canada)
2015 Julio Villegas (Chile), Ester Wiensenfeld (Venezuela) Andres Consoli (USA)
2017 Wilson López López (Colombia) Merry Bullock (USA)
2019 Guillermo Bernal (Puerto Rico), Jorge Grau (Cuba) Antonio E. Puente (USA)
2021 Ana M. Jacó Vilela (Brasil) Brinton Lykes (USA)

*Interamerican Psychology Awards (Posthumous)

Year Name
1987 Carlos Albizu Miranda (Puerto Rico)
1991 Ignacio Martín Baró (El Salvador)