APA Special Offer

Special Offer for Interamerican Society of Psychology, Inc.

As a member of the Interamerican Society of Psychology, Inc., you are eligible to enjoy APA International Affiliate membership at a special discounted rate—just $22 through the end of 2021.

Select “International Affiliate” on the Membership Application

 SIP member would receive the following benefits:
    • Digital access to The American Psychologist
    • Digital access to the Monitor on Psychology
    • 10 individual publications downloaded at their discretion
    • 5 CEU courses with a printable “International Affiliate APA Certificate of Completion for [course title]”
    • Gold package subscription at member rate of $139 annually
    • Personalized “Research Alert” emails for each SIP member context
    • APA Member discounts on books and materials
    • Discounted APA Convention registration rates